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WCCR_Avatar180Charlotte Community Radio aims to entertain, inspire, and enrich listeners through an eclectic mix of musical, cultural, educational, and community affairs programming. The station will act as a forum for people and issues that typically lack media access, promote positive social change, and provide multi-media training with an emphasis on audio broadcasting.

Local startups, boutiques, restaurants, performers, solopreneurs, non-profits, community groups and many others look for ways to connect to a progressive, diverse, and dedicated audience. With your support, Charlotte Community Radio will grow as a community-focused radio station that is inclusive as well as diverse when it comes to station management and programming.

Get in on the ground floor as an underwriter for as little as $10 per announcement and support our community-supported, volunteer-run, internet-based, community radio station efforts here in Charlotte.

1 spot/week (52 total) = $520 ($10.00/spot)
3 spots/week (156 total) = $1,092 ($7.00/spot)
10 spots/week (520 total) = $2,600 ($5.00/spot)

Let us help you find the right show(s) and time(s) for your underwriting announcement. Support us and join the list of current underwriters like Notorious JazzCreativity Unleashed, LLC, and BrightFlow.

We hope you’ll give serious consideration to helping us shape Charlotte Community Radio into a full-service, internet-based station that seeks to raise voices from the local Charlotte community who often go unheard. Contact us for more details on how you can become an underwriter.

Let’s Build It Together!

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