Southern Wonder Apr 5th: Sex and Religion with Dr. Kent Brintnall

UNCC Professor Kent Brintnall teaching in front of a blackboardIt’s generally understood that conversations of sex and religion are to be avoided in polite society. Everyone in the world comes to both of these topics with a different understanding and personal experience that can make it challenging to find commonality and easy to find points of bitter contention. Dr. Kent Brintnall, professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) and director of the graduate certificate program in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, has made a career studying the intersection between these two topics.

How have the world’s major religions influenced our conception of the body? What do the world’s major religious traditions have to say about desire, deviance, and eroticism? How do these views challenge or conform to commonly held ideas about how sex and religion interface with each other? Religion as a spiritual concern has often had a fraught relationship with the body. Why?

Dr. Brintnall is bringing his extensive expertise to these questions on Southern Wonder, airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio, April 5th at 6:00pmEST. Specifically, I am interested in how religious, erotic and aesthetic experiences and practices foster a disruption of the subject’s coherence in a way that can respond to, and perhaps prevent, various forms of cultural violence.

He’s the author of Ecce Homo: The Male-Body-in-Pain as Redemptive Figure and co-edited a collection of essays entitled Negative Ecstasies: Georges Bataille and the Study of Religion, the North American editor for Theology and Sexuality, and he’s also working on two other monographs, tentatively entitled Constraining Violence: The Tragic Politics of Queer Theory and Formalizing Desire: Mysticism, Pornography, Subjectivity. Dr. Brintnall has also written for the general public on such topics as North Carolina’s House Bill 2 and marriage equality.

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Nine to Five Apr 4th: Workplace Friends. Yay or Nah?

Photo of Carol LongThere are typically 250 working days in a year. If you multiply 250 by 8 hours a day, this means most Americans spend around 2000 hours at the workplace per year. With this statistic, it is natural that some of your truest friendship bonds are formed at your Nine to Five. That’s where I met one of my besties, Carol Long. All those break room conversations helped form the woman you see today.

According to Ellie Williams, workplace friendships can bring joy to even the dullest or most stressful jobs. However, they also create an ethical minefield that can destroy your relationship or cause friction between you and the rest of your co-workers. Your colleagues may resent the bond you (and your bestie) share, and your personal feelings could interfere with your professional relationship. I have to credit Carol with showing me the ropes at my first “real” job.

Once work was the major source of friendship; Adam Grant explains, now we go to the office to be efficient, not to form bonds. We are having plenty of productive conversations but fewer meaningful relationships. Maybe this is because of the rise of flex time and virtual work. When more people are working remotely, we have fewer chances for the face-to-face encounters that are critical to friendships.

During the next LIVE Nine to Five show with Doneisha on Charlotte Community Radio, I will be in the studio with Carol Long celebrating 10 years of friendship. We will share the top 10 tips for workplace friendships. If you have questions that you would like me to answer during the show, comment while using the Mixlr app, leave a comment on my FaceBook page, or Tweet me here: @ninetofivewdee.

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Tea Time Mar 28th: Tommy Nichols – Two Thumbs Up for The Charlotte Black Film Festival

Tommy NicholsMovies, we all like them, but there are some among us who love them and Tommy Nichols is a lover of cinema. Nichols is the founder of the Charlotte Black Film Festival (CBFF), which is back in the spotlight beginning March 30th and running through April 2, 2017 at the Charlotte Convention Center. The festival is in its 7th year with this year’s theme being, “United To Create”. The Mission of the Charlotte Black Film Festival is to heighten the awareness, promote the significance and need of African American cinema as an art form and to be a voice for independent filmmakers of color.

Tommy is not new to the film industry, his interest was peaked while attending Wilberforce University  where he gained a strong appreciation for film making. Through continued education, Nichols subsequently graduated from The National Federation of Entrepreneurship, The American Guild of Court Videographers, and The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute. He later completed extensive and specialized training at the Hollywood Film Institute in New York, which boasts Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee as graduates. Tommy has also served as the Director of Photography for the movie, “Johnny, Mattie and Smooth White Stone, II and III”.

Join us March 28th on the next Tea Time With Tenya as I chat with Tommy about going to the movies and what it takes to make them, LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio at 6:30pm.

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Southern Wonder Mar 22nd: Philosophy of Pop with Dr. Robin James

Photo of UNCC, Professor, Dr. Robin James, guest on Southern WonderWhat does the music of pop singers like Beyonce, Rihanna, Meghan Trainor, and Lana del Rey have to say about our modern conception of the self? What does it have to say about our relationship to power in society? To explore this, UNCC professor Dr. Robin James looks in part at the sonic structure of the music. It turns out, pop music today has more to say than we thought.

“In general,” she says on her website. “I use the compositional structure and critical (well, and sometimes, uncritical) reception of songs as a lens to focus my philosophical research in gender, race, and politics. Because songs are much smaller and easily comprehendible than social relations, understanding how these songs work helps us better understand how society works.”

Dr. James’s latest book, Resilience and Melancholy, explores how contemporary sonic structure can be used to reinforce and strengthen existing societal power systems despite a surface message to the contrary (resilience) or subvert those power systems by challenging our expectations (melancholy).

…wait, what?

Don’t worry. Wednesday, March 22nd, at 6:00pm on Charlotte Community Radio, my Southern Wonder guest is Dr. James who will walk us through these ideas using examples from songs you’ve probably heard on Top 40 radio. She’ll hold our hands as we wade into a theoretical wonderland, and hopefully we’ll all come away with a new way to look at the kind of music we hear every day.

Until then, check out Dr. James’s Twitter feed and blog. Plus, you can read an interview with her about the ideas she explores in Resilience and Melancholy.

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