We Are OFF AIR – Charlotte Community Radio Thanks You

We Are Off Air - Charlotte Community Radio Thanks YouThanks for the LOVE groovy people of Charlotte. We thoroughly enjoyed playing music for you and talking with the many in-studio guests that came through our doors.

If you want to keep in touch with any of our hosts, take a look at any one of their blog posts to find their contact information. If you want to keep in touch with our co-founders, Melvin Nix and Bridget B. Sullivan, they can be found on Twitter & Instagram as: @MelvinNix & @SullyBridgetB.

Don’t forget, you can listen to past recordings here or here.

We’ll post the last Voices From The Community show here once it’s uploaded.

Be Well Groovy People.
Bridget B.


JAZZ LIVES!!! May 18th: My Final LIVE Broadcast

Photo of Curtis "CurtJazz" Davenport, host of JAZZ LIVES!!! on Charlotte Community Radio

Curtis @CurtJazz Davenport

Well, it’s been fun…

With Charlotte Community Radio going off air this month, the last LIVE edition of JAZZ LIVES!!! with CurtJazz, will air Thursday, May 18th from 6:00pm to 9:00pmEst.

When Bridget asked me last spring if I would be interested in having a program on Charlotte Community Radio (CLTCRadio), it was exciting, a bit scary albeit perfectly timed. I worked in AM-FM radio in New York City through most of the 90’s, ran a web-based jazz radio station from 2004 to 2016, but I had been away from live radio since 2000. So I was somewhat out of practice on May 12, 2016 when I first opened the mic, but my trepidation quickly dissipated and the joy returned.

So I want to say “Thank You”; first, to Bridget B. Sullivan and Melvin Nix, co-founders of CLTCRadio, for the chance to knock some rust off these old pipes and remind me that this is “what I do”.

And a huge thanks to my guests. The incredible, world-class musicians who call the Carolinas home and who took time out of their incredibly busy schedules to spend some time with us: Dawn Anthony; Lovell Bradford; Will Campbell; Nicci Canada; Tenya Coleman; Harvey Cummings; Lonnie Davis; Ocie Davis; Buff Dillard; Mike Hackett; Amos Hoffman, and Tim Scott, Jr.; I am forever in your debt.

My biggest appreciation goes out to all of you who listened and hopefully, enjoyed the music, as I shared my passion for jazz and for the artistry of living musicians. Some of you were friends from long ago that I reunited with. Some are a more recent part of my life. You were all a huge part of rekindling an old dream and I will always be grateful to you for that.

I’m on Twitter and Instagram as @curtjazz, and on Facebook as CurtJazzRadio. My website is curtjazz.com. Let’s keep in touch.

God Bless You and Goodnight.

Image for JAZZ LIVES!!!JAZZ LIVES!!! with CurtJazz, airing LIVE every Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm via CharlotteCommunityRadio, CLTCRadio.org, OR the Mixlr app where you can listen and chat with our hosts and guests alike.

Curtis “CurtJazz” Davenport ~ JAZZ LIVES!!!

Introducing The Underground Experience with DJ Y.O.U.

Photo of DJ YOU

Courtesy of With These Handz DJ Academy™

A graduate of the award winning With These Handz DJ Academy™, 18-year-old DJ Y.O.U. has taken Charlotte, North Carolina by storm by winning the 2014 DJ Showcase. Having played every type of event from private parties to public events and clubs, DJ Y.O.U. will use turntables or CDJ’s to make it the place to be.

Josh “DJ Y.O.U.” Ufland has been DJing for three years. He became hooked on the underground music scene when his brother showed him Cinema by Benny Benassi (Skrillex Remix). DJ Y.O.U. has played in Charlotte, Atlanta, Greensboro, and Myrtle Beacha, and he has local Charlotte DJ’s such as Datboy Fletch, Boy Beats World and more as followers. He has been highlighted by the Charlotte TV station FOX Carolina and Urban Times Magazine.

As the youngest DJ to play the Chop Shop Grand Finale, hosted by GFW presents, DJ Y.O.U. can be found at local venues such as L4 Club and Club Label in Charlotte.

About the Underground Experience with DJ Y.O.U.:

Show image for The Underground ExperienceJoin DJ Y.O.U. as he takes you on a musical journey through the underground music scene every Friday night LIVE from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Charlotte Community Radio. Expect to hear the filthiest bass drops from around the world including Christian Dub Step and Indian EDM.

You can follow DJ Y.O.U. on Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Instagram for upcoming music and new mixes!!!!

The Underground Experience, hosted by DJ Y.O.U., airs every Friday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm via CharlotteCommunityRadio.org, CLTCRadio.org or Mixlr.com/CLTCRadio where you can chat with our hosts and guest alike.

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Introducing Luxury Club With Ben “Trobro” Doherty

Photo of DJ Trobro - Ben DohertyBen “Trobro” Doherty is a former college radio DJ, Computer Engineer, and Music Director all at WSBF-FM Clemson. He’s been spellbound by electronic music, and college and community radio ever since a fateful sunrise drive while listening to Tycho for the first time. Before singularizing himself with the digital world slowly encapsulating him, he swears he got one last glimpse of the sun.

He ran several radio shows during his time at WSBF including Mollified, a long form ambient show; NOISE, a show that experimented and studied sound and noise, harsh, and soft; Shark Tank Block Party, a rotating electronic genre show that was always unpredictable, and, most recently, Luxury Club.

About Luxury Club with DJ Trobro

Image for Luxury Club ShowLuxury Club, making its LIVE, Charlotte Community Radio debut on Wednesday, December 14th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, is a show about new ideas in electronic music. So many young minds have come together in a very short time to collaboratively create the future sounds of electronic, hip-hop, and club music. Luxury Club’s DJ Trobro is dedicated to finding the very best of all of these incredibly cool and bleeding-edge tracks from the deep, dark corners of Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Luxury Club will also strive to find any and all local producers pushing the bar in electronic music and hip hop production.

All tracks played during the Luxury Club show will be available in posts on my Facebook page, in my likes and/or reposts on Soundcloud, or this page.

Luxury Club, hosted by DJ TroBro airs every Wednesday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm via  CharlotteCommunityRadio.orgCLTCRadio.org or Mixlr.com/CLTCRadio where you can chat with our hosts and guests alike.

Ben Doherty – DJ Trobro ~ Luxury Club

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