Nine to Five Mar 7th: How To Revive Your Job Search With Denise Cooper

Photo of Denise CooperDo you ever wonder what goes through an employer’s mind when they think about employees also known as the talent? How do they attract talent? Often times companies that have very high turnover are not the experts when it comes to hiring talent. You will not find hiring experts in companies that have a strong reputation in their community and industry either. Why? Simply because they just don’t hire that often. This may leave you stuck in an endless cycle of being overlooked for positions that would be a perfect fit or worse hired for a position that you are bound to hate. Putting yourself in the shoes of an employer may be exactly what you need to do to revive your job search.

Tuesday, March 7th on Nine to Five airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio at 6:45pm my guest will be Denise Cooper, CEO/Founder for Remarkable Leadership Lessons. Her breadth of experience includes working with retail executives at the Gap, Budget Rent A Car, Peoples Gas in Chicago, various pharmaceutical and manufacturing divisions at Monsanto, non-profits like the North Carolina Kidney Foundation, and the Charlotte Housing Authority, unions, and now as a business owner.

Now she’s going after transforming the workplace. Her goal is to get managers to buy in on creating workplaces where everyone wins. People get the right jobs, know how to grow their careers so they can take care of their families and know success. She wants managers to understand how to organize work so every employee is working to serve customers. She believes if everyone understands how the selection process really works then everybody wins. People understand how to take control of their career and employers understand what it takes to meet the demands of the business.

Nine to Five Show DesignNine to Five, hosted by Doneisha Wilson, airs LIVE every other Tuesday from 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm via CharlotteCommunity, OR use the Mixlr app where you can listen and chat with our hosts and guests alike. It’s time to take your job search to the next level.

Nine to Five ~ Doneisha Wilson

Not Your Boyfriends Radio Hour Mar 6th: Bloggers, Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub, The Truth Hurvitz & Chloe Massey, A Queen City Girl

Photo of The Truth Hurvitz, Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub

Photo by Robert Harbin

Monday, March 6th at 7:00pm on my Not Your Boyfriends Radio Hour show airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio, I am talking to two women who have one of the most coveted jobs in the marketplace today, blogging. I think most people secretly believe they have what it takes to start or blog or wish they had a  blog. There are a select few that follow through and even fewer that find success. These two Charlotteans have vastly different audiences, background, and content but both have found that magical formula that keeps people interested in their posts.

Photo of A Queen City Girl, Chole Massey

Photo by Deeana Kourtney

Chloe Massey aka A Queen City Girl balances her burgeoning career as an accountant, keeping up with her blog posts, and staying up with all the latest fashion and beauty trends. Her Instagram following boasts over 7 thousand. Chloe is a Mooresville native with a passion for fashion, numbers, and her new puppy, Jax.

Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub, aka The Truth Hurvitz, is a Detroit native with a sharp tongue and a unique point of view. Jen moved down to Charlotte with her now (ex) husband. Jen was inspired to start a blog when she found herself in unfamiliar territory, single, and without her support system. Her blogs touch on a myriad of topics from entering the dating world again, co-parenting, and balancing a flourishing writing career.

NYBRadioHour Show ImageNot Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour, hosted by Amelia Coughlin, airs every other Monday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm via, or where you can chat with our hosts.

Amelia Coughlin ~ NYBRadioHour

Tea Time Feb 28th: Donna Murrell, Finding Beauty Inside And Out

Photo of Donna Murrell, Fashion MavenDonna Murrell is a Fashion Maven, one can tell that as soon as she walks into a room. Donna has been at the forefront of fashion in Charlotte, North Carolina for the last 35 years. Being a former professional model and running her own modeling agency has given Murrell an insight into what it takes to make it on and off the runway. From modeling to being a judge for the National American Miss Organization, this Charlotte native knows what is takes to be a success on the runway and the on a pageant stage.

It may seem that the outside package is her focus but, Murrell has built a reputation through her Carolina Girls Rock Pageant (CGRP) that celebrates inner beauty and develops confidence, poise and self-esteem in each young lady she coaches. CGRP is centered around helping girls between the ages of 4 – 19, grow and expand their ideas about who they are and what they would like to achieve; and yes, letting each girl know that she ROCKS!

From runway coaching to pageant prop or just to get a bit of advice on ‘what to wear’, Donna has it covered. Join us February 28th on the next Tea Time with Tenya show as we chat with Donna Murrell about fashion, pageants, walking the runway, and on how we can all ROCK. LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio at 6:30pm (est).

Image for Tea Teme with TenyaTea Time, hosted by jazz musician Tenya Colemon, airs every other Tuesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm via, or use the Mixlr app where you can chat with our hosts and guests alike.

Tenya Colemon ~ Tea Time


Southern Wonder Feb 22nd: Hip Hop with Dr. Charles Pinckney

Photo of UNCC Professor of Africana Studies & “academic gangsta,” Dr. Charles PinckneyIn the decades since it was born in the Bronx, hip hop has grown to dominate the American cultural scene. Today, it’s everywhere: advertisements, awards shows, shopping malls, sold out arenas, and the playlists of listeners of all backgrounds all over the world. But hip hop has historically been tied to a specific cultural experience and a distinctive sense of place. Now that hip-hop is a global phenomenon, how has that changed? What is the raison d’etre of rap music? How do our backgrounds inform our interactions with hip-hop music? How did hip hop evolve from DJs spinning breaks on repeat in the late 70s to the global art form it is today?

On Wednesday, February 22nd, at 6:00pm on Charlotte Community Radio during my LIVE Southern Wonder show, I will dive into these questions with UNCC professor of Africana studies and “academic gangsta,” Dr. Charles Pinckney.

Growing up, Dr. Pinckney aspired to play in the NBA, idolizing the Boston Celtics’ Jo Jo White. But in college, his trajectory took a turn and he swapped basketball for academics, ultimately receiving his Ph.D. in psychology from Walden University. Sports remain close to his heart and he is heavily involved with the Center Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA).

Dr. Pinckney’s research has focused on global hip hop culture and he’s committed to youth education around this culture. At UNCC, he has taught courses on global hip hop as well as the psychology of the Black experience and an introduction to hip hop culture. He brings a wealth of knowledge that we’ll explore during the show. You can ask questions while listening when using our Mixlr app so tune in for another engaging conversation and keep up with all things Southern Wonder on Twitter and Facebook.

Image for Southern Wonder ShowSouthern Wonder, hosted by Allison Braden airs LIVE every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, celebrating open-mindedness and the spirit of asking why via, or where you can chat with our hosts and guests alike.

Allison Braden ~ Southern Wonder