Tea Time Mar 14th: Jason Jet, Indie Soul Rocker and Music Community Maker

Photo of Jason Jet, Community Music Maker, by Joseph Brown

If you know Jason Jet or if you just see him walk in a room, one can see the glow of creativity surrounding him. Who could have foreseen that this Iceland native, now Charlotte, North Carolina resident would become a musical force whose unique talent would breathe fresh air into the regional and national music scene. Pick a category in the music world and Jason can check them all: musician, producer, …

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Southern Wonder Mar 8th: The New South with Levine Museum Historian, Dr. Brenda Tindal

Photo of Historian Dr. Brenda Tindal, Courtesy of Charlotte Post

In his seminal work on the South, The Mind of the South, W.J. Cash summarized the vices and virtues of the region we call home: “Proud, brave, honorable by its lights, courteous, personally generous, loyal, swift to act, often too swift, but signally effective, sometimes terrible, in its action — such was the South at its best. And such at its best it remains today, despite the great falling away …

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Nine to Five Mar 7th: How To Revive Your Job Search With Denise Cooper

Photo of Denise Cooper

Do you ever wonder what goes through an employer’s mind when they think about employees also known as the talent? How do they attract talent? Often times companies that have very high turnover are not the experts when it comes to hiring talent. You will not find hiring experts in companies that have a strong reputation in their community and industry either. Why? Simply because they just don’t hire that …

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Not Your Boyfriends Radio Hour Mar 6th: Bloggers, Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub, The Truth Hurvitz & Chloe Massey, A Queen City Girl

Photo of Jennifer Hurvitz Weinbraub & Chole Massey

Monday, March 6th at 7:00pm on my Not Your Boyfriends Radio Hour show airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio, I am talking to two women who have one of the most coveted jobs in the marketplace today, blogging. I think most people secretly believe they have what it takes to start or blog or wish they had a  blog. There are a select few that follow through and even fewer …

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Tea Time Feb 28th: Donna Murrell, Finding Beauty Inside And Out

Donna Murrell is a Fashion Maven, one can tell that as soon as she walks into a room. Donna has been at the forefront of fashion in Charlotte, North Carolina for the last 35 years. Being a former professional model and running her own modeling agency has given Murrell an insight into what it takes to make it on and off the runway. From modeling to being a judge for the National American …

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Southern Wonder Feb 22nd: Hip Hop with Dr. Charles Pinckney

Photo of UNCC Professor of Africana Studies & “academic gangsta,” Dr. Charles Pinckney

In the decades since it was born in the Bronx, hip hop has grown to dominate the American cultural scene. Today, it’s everywhere: advertisements, awards shows, shopping malls, sold out arenas, and the playlists of listeners of all backgrounds all over the world. But hip hop has historically been tied to a specific cultural experience and a distinctive sense of place. Now that hip-hop is a global phenomenon, how has …

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