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We're Still Here SignIt’s never easy building something from scratch especially when you need the help of others to make it work, but We’re Still Here.

Two things are important for us to continue forward, securing active steering committee or board members who can help us guide this effort in the right direction. And two actively committed volunteers, one who can manage our growing list of volunteers and another who can get involved with our upcoming outreach activity.

If you’re interested in getting involved on the ground level of a non-commercial, community supported, volunteer-run, internet radio station, please Join Us! Let’ Build It Together!

Concert Review: Daley – March 25 – Visulite Theatre

#Day 8 of Daley’s Days + Nights Tour @ Visulite Theatre:

Daley's Photo from Band Of The Day App landing page

Daley – via BandOfTheDayApp.com

How does one calm their nerves before a performance? I’d imagine a few tequila shots at the bar and a couple calming mantras, but apparently Daley is just too well-versed. During his very first visit to the Queen City, the Whole Foods Market devotee opted for Bo Time! and stopped by V101.9 for a sit-down with ChirlGirl.

As cliche as “There’s something in the water” may sound, it conveys a message: the UK is a hotbed for talent (e.g. Lianne La Havas, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Estelle,Sampha, Kwes, Laura Mvula, Jesse Ware and etc…). I was surprised that of all places, The Visulite Theatre would snag such an artist to perform in their establishment. I’ve been there once before and always saw them as more keen to the Rock/Bluegrass scene. Visulite weren’t the only ones testing the waters that night. This show was definitely intended for the Grown and Sexy, so naturally I got the jitters. All I could think of was: Will I be the youngest one there? and Am I really about to show up alone and “Baeless” (as my generation likes to style it) to a R&B show?

I knew the atmosphere would be completely different from all my prior shows (Hip-Hop/ Pop-Rock) and that’s exactly why I wanted to go. Waiting for the festivities to begin, you couldn’t help but groove to the chosen song selection: All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do) by Joe, “Apple Tree” by Erykah Badu and “Superstar“ by Lauryn Hill; all foreshadowing what we could expect to hear later on in his set.

Equipped with a drummer, guitarist (Charlie) and keyboardist; the lights dim to blue as the audience chants “Daley!”

Daley on stage at Visulite Theatre

Daley – Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, NC, Photo by: Shawnice Stratford

Appearing on stage draped in an all-black ensemble, he began to serenade us with “Time Travel“. Nurtured by US and UK musical stylings: Prince, D’Angelo, Sade, Radiohead and Imogen Heap, he’s blended a unique sound all his own — ‘future-throwback- soul’ to be exact. Getting into the more up-tempo songs on his latest album, DAYS + NIGHTS, he hit us with “Good News” and merged “Game Over” into Rufus and Chaka Khan’s soulful jam “Sweet Thing“, it surely got the crowd and myself singing right along.

He spoke a bit and thanked us for being apart of his very first show in Charlotte, NC. While I was stuck in awe by how British singers turn their accents on and off; he kept the show rockin’ with performances of “Blame The World” and “Love & Affection” showcasing his amazing falsetto. After giving brief history about a troubled friend who wouldn’t accept his help, my favorite performance of the night took place. I have to admit, I wasn’t all that sonically impressed by my first listen of Days & Nights; but sometimes “Seeing is Believing”. After witnessing the life he breathed into “She Fades“, I couldn’t help but give the album another listen. I found this song so relatable and incredibly touching. We all have our favorites and his happens to be the title track, “Days & Nights“.

Daley Behind The Piano

Daley – Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, NC
Photo by: Shawnice Stratford

Everyone must have been in a “try new things” mood that night. An amateur to playing keyboard live, Daley gracefully melted into the chords of Jill Scott’s “He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)”, how much my face lit up when I heard that? you can only imagine. Amazed by the evident vocal control Daley displayed over his riffs and runs during “Smoking Gun”, a guy near by hollered “He ran over that, He ran right through it!”. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Be” had people finger snappin’ to the rhythm, “Those Who Wait” had Daley reminiscing about his journey as an artist and “Songs That Remind Me Of You” had me droppin’ that NaeNae; making it my second favorite performance of the night. I can be the biggest skeptic when it comes to song renditions. In Daley’s case, justice was served. Frank Ocean’s “Thinking Bout You” never sounded better. I mean, how could it? when you have Usher’s “Climax”, “Nice and Slow” and Mint Condition’s “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” trailing not too far behind. By this time, R&B fans were loving every damn second and he was now in the presence of a very pleased crowd.

As things cooled down a bit he invited everyone to the merchandise table after the show for a little meet & greet. Prior to this night, I knew one song by Daley — surely, you know which one I speak of — and barely knew how to pronounce the man’s name correctly. This didn’t stop me and it didn’t stop a woman who admitted to not knowing all the words to his songs. As trivial as that sounds, it happens. It’s not about you hanging onto every single word nor having known the musician beforehand, it’s all about experiencing live music and expanding the audience. Redefining the way heartfelt music and songwriting looks, sounds and feels, Daley fuses both past and present so seamlessly. A quick run-through “Look Up” (produced by Pharrell Williams) and he had dashed off stage. I couldn’t believe he would end the show on such a note and thankfully the couple next to me couldn’t either. The woman handed me the set list lying on the ground and assured that there would be an encore. Certain enough, Daley rushed right back on stage and ended the night proper with “Pass It On” and of course! “Alone Together”, which the crowd served as a stand-in for Marsha Ambrosius. I even captured some footage, but due to the intimacy of the venue and how close I was to the speakers, the bass can be a bit much. Apologies for the crick in your neck also, Enjoy!


Daley’s upcoming Days + Nights Tour dates here.

Special Thanks to Ebony Fernandez.

Beta Testing Begins Today

Computer CablesAnd, here we go!

Charlotte Community Radio‘s beta testing begins today and we believe most of the day will be spent making sure all these cables are connected properly and that our equipment is working well with each other. The new tower is waiting on its monitor and then we’ll add that to the mix.

Keep an eye on our updates via Twitter and Facebook so you know when our first sounds hit the internet. Beta testing will continue throughout the month of April.

Join Us! Let’s Build It Together!

Our First Donation Has Arrived

Rock On!

Thank You Kathleen!

Thank You Kathleen!

Charlotte Community Radio received its first donation and we are stoked! We’ll be able to put this cpu to work on March 31st thanks to Kathleen so save the date. If all goes as planned, we’ll have something playing directly from the website and you’ll be able to listen via your favorite audio player.

We already know that jazz will be on the beta testing list of music that will be played throughout the day and word has it, we’ll have some news, poetry readings, hip hop and maybe an in-studio spoon performance. Okay, so maybe someone will be reading the news from the newspaper and we’ll just bang a few spoons together to see if we capture the sound properly, but hey, at least we’re gonna go live as per our schedule.

Here’s what we need from you!

First, head on over to CharlotteCommunityRadio.org and familiarize yourself with our site and on Monday, March 31st as early as 10am you can start listening to what we have to offer during our first day of beta testing. If you hear something you like, don’t like or want us to consider something, feel free to leave us a comment on the blog post for that day, shoot us a Tweet at @CLTCRadio, post a comment on our Facebook page or send a carrier pigeon with a note tied to its foot. Woot!

Second, start getting your head wrapped around the idea that a non-commercial, community-supported, volunteer-run, internet-based radio station is coming to Charlotte. Wait! We’re already here so let’s say Charlotte Community Radio would greatly appreciate it if you would spread the word about what we’re doing.

Lastly, it would be wicked cool if you’d Join Us! so we can Build It Together! This stuff ain’t easy.

Peace Out Good People!

Bridget B. Sullivan
Project Manager ~ @sullybridgetb
Charlotte Community Radio