Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Aug 22nd: Tattoo Artist, Jenn Small

Photo of Jenn Small, Tattoo Artist

Jenn Small is a native North Carolinian, hailing from the Greensboro area, she moved to Charlotte in 2004 and started tattooing in 2007. Jenn worked in a tattoo shop 10 years ago without a tangible plan and is now one of Charlotte’s most sought-after tattoo artists. Her creativity and use of color is jaw dropping. Jenn currently tattoos at Made to Last Tattoo in uptown.

I was on the search for a tattoo artist to interview and Jenn Small came very highly recommended. I do not have any tattoos but have always toyed with the idea and I know I am not alone. It can be intimidating to take the initial step into a tattoo parlor. I think this talk will be valuable to anyone who is interested in tattooing, getting a tattoo, and hopefully, we can open minds to those with pre-conceived notions about the art form and the culture that goes along with it. I want to know who is getting tattoos, what they are getting, and why? I can’t wait to ask her about one of her most recent creations, a Squirtle (is he a proper noun? ha-ha) caught in a Poke-ball.

Jenn is a Plaza Midwood dweller, crafter, animal lover, and bad pun enthusiast. Tattooing is one of our oldest and most striking forms of personal expression. I am excited for the chance to sit down with someone who is well respected in the field and has such a passion for it on my next Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour, Monday, August 22nd, airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio.

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