Tea Time May 9th: Sam Wazan, Building Bridges in Business and Basketball

Photo of Sam WazanSam Wazan wears many hats; he is a successful author, business consultant, a sought after speaker, and you should see his moves on a basketball court. Though Sam juggles many balls, his passion for peaceful and harmonious co-existence is where he excels.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Wazan attended a Saudi Arabia-funded Islamic school until he finished tenth grade. In 1975, the Lebanese civil war broke out forcing Sam and his family to live in the combat zone for fifteen years. Sam was surrounded by snipers, indiscriminate rockets, and religious massacres, one of which was only a half a mile from his home. In spite of the elements, Sam earned a Bachelor of Science and immigrated to the United States where he earned an MBA and founded an ‘information technology services company’.

Before becoming an author, before his MBA, before his success in the business world, Sam made his mark on the Basketball Courts in Lebanon. The first time Wazan laid eyes on a basketball was during the war in Lebanon. He was fifteen-years-old, six-feet tall, absence of skill (his words not mine) and coaching. As chance would have it, he found a training program in an American sports magazine and threw himself into the game. In 1985, during his first year in college, he was selected to represent Lebanon in Japan, where he played on the Lebanese Universities National Team. He was selected again in 1987 and 1988 to play in the Former Soviet Union in regional championships.

Join us May 9th on the next Tea Time with Tenya as we chat with Sam about creating harmony in the middle of conflict, business, and basketball (find out about Monster Vertical Power), LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio at 6:30pmEST.

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