Southern Wonder May 3rd: Charlotte’s Social Challenges with the Urban Institute’s Mary Newsom

Mary NewsomFor over four decades, UNC Charlotte has been home to the Urban Institute, an applied research and community outreach center focused on social, economic, and environmental challenges facing Charlotte, North Carolina. The website sums up the Urban Institute’s role: “Founded in 1969, it provides services including technical assistance and training in operations and data management; public opinion surveys; and research and analysis around economic, environmental, and social issues affecting the Charlotte region.”

Mary Newsom is a longtime print journalist and the Urban Institute’s associate director for urban and regional affairs. Her expertise includes journalism, urban and suburban issues, and politics and government in the Charlotte region. Lately, she’s been working on the Institute’s City Walks initiative.

There will be 21 City Walks taking place in May. From the City Walks website: “Charlotte neighborhoods have stories to tell – stories many residents have never heard. Explore some of the city’s neighborhoods and hear those stories during a month of City Walks in May. You can meander through McCrorey Heights and the area near Johnson C. Smith University, learning about the Charlotte civil rights movement and the neighborhood where many of its leaders lived. Or you can hear the histories of those statues scattered along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway near uptown – whom they honor and how the statues came to be.”

On May 3rd at 6pmEST, Southern Wonder host Allison Braden will sit down with Mary Newsom to discuss the City Walks initiative as well as talk about some of the social challenges facing Charlotte today. The Urban Institute’s work is far reaching, and we’ll learn about how the Institute uses research and community engagement to address these challenges.

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