Tea Time April 25th: Martha Cooper-Hudson, Helping Women Rediscover Themselves

Ladies, have you ever felt like you needed or wanted to reboot your life? I certainly have; if I let the truth be told, I am constantly in some phase of rediscovery. Martha Cooper-Hudson is on a mission to help others realize their greatness and rediscover themselves. Cooper-Hudson has been called on to equip, inspire, motivate and empower women to live a life of health and wealth while they stand up, suit up and walk in their purpose. For over 10 years, Martha’s message has been and will continue to be: “When you have a dream, goal, purpose and a will to succeed no matter the cost, time doesn’t matter.”

To help women achieve their purpose Martha has developed RediscovHer, a national women’s organization based in Charlotte that equips, motivates and inspires women to live a life of great health and wealth while living and walking in their purpose. The goal through RediscovHer, is to create an atmosphere that is non-competitive, where women can come together to support each other. Through empowerment conferences, workshops, luncheons, and weekend getaways, entrepreneurial-minded women come together to connect and share strategies to uplift each other. We are not only partners; we advocate for and promote one another.

Let’s all of us find out more about ourselves, as I chat with Martha about rediscovery and living out our purpose on the next Tea Time with Tenya, April 25, 2017, LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio at 6:30pmEst.

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Tenya Colemon ~ Tea Time

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