Southern Wonder Apr 5th: Sex and Religion with Dr. Kent Brintnall

UNCC Professor Kent Brintnall teaching in front of a blackboardIt’s generally understood that conversations of sex and religion are to be avoided in polite society. Everyone in the world comes to both of these topics with a different understanding and personal experience that can make it challenging to find commonality and easy to find points of bitter contention. Dr. Kent Brintnall, professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) and director of the graduate certificate program in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, has made a career studying the intersection between these two topics.

How have the world’s major religions influenced our conception of the body? What do the world’s major religious traditions have to say about desire, deviance, and eroticism? How do these views challenge or conform to commonly held ideas about how sex and religion interface with each other? Religion as a spiritual concern has often had a fraught relationship with the body. Why?

Dr. Brintnall is bringing his extensive expertise to these questions on Southern Wonder, airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio, April 5th at 6:00pmEST. Specifically, I am interested in how religious, erotic and aesthetic experiences and practices foster a disruption of the subject’s coherence in a way that can respond to, and perhaps prevent, various forms of cultural violence.

He’s the author of Ecce Homo: The Male-Body-in-Pain as Redemptive Figure and co-edited a collection of essays entitled Negative Ecstasies: Georges Bataille and the Study of Religion, the North American editor for Theology and Sexuality, and he’s also working on two other monographs, tentatively entitled Constraining Violence: The Tragic Politics of Queer Theory and Formalizing Desire: Mysticism, Pornography, Subjectivity. Dr. Brintnall has also written for the general public on such topics as North Carolina’s House Bill 2 and marriage equality.

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