Southern Wonder Apr 19th: American Philosophy with Dr. Phillip McReynolds

Dr. Phillip McReynolds“Who dares think a nation? What is the status of philosophy in a nation founded by philosophers? What are the risks of practicing philosophy in America? Does America have a “native” philosophy?”

These are questions that Dr. Phillip McReynolds, professor of philosophy at UNCC, set out to answer with his documentary project American Philosopher. In it, he interviews prominent American philosophers about what it means to practice philosophy in America today.

This is also the subject of his most recent book, The American Philosopher:

“With interviews that are both philosophical and biographical in nature, this book will be of interest to those who specialize in pragmatism and the history of American philosophy, academics in fields such as comparative literature, history, political science, sociology, and American studies, and to anyone with an interest in “America” as an idea.”

Dr. McReynolds also produces videos on topics of philosophy for his YouTube channel, and you can follow him on Twitter @americanphil. His current work focuses on the area of post-humanism, and he’s also published material on “the philosophy of technology, philosophy and film, and other topics in a pragmatist vein.

On Wednesday, April 19th, at 6:00pm, Southern Wonder host Allison Braden will sit down with Dr. McReynolds to talk about his work conducting these interviews and the research for his book as what he’s learned about the nature of philosophy in America. Expect a conversation that will range from the founding of the country to the present and will incorporate history, culture, and philosophy.

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