Nine to Five Apr 4th: Workplace Friends. Yay or Nah?

Photo of Carol LongThere are typically 250 working days in a year. If you multiply 250 by 8 hours a day, this means most Americans spend around 2000 hours at the workplace per year. With this statistic, it is natural that some of your truest friendship bonds are formed at your Nine to Five. That’s where I met one of my besties, Carol Long. All those break room conversations helped form the woman you see today.

According to Ellie Williams, workplace friendships can bring joy to even the dullest or most stressful jobs. However, they also create an ethical minefield that can destroy your relationship or cause friction between you and the rest of your co-workers. Your colleagues may resent the bond you (and your bestie) share, and your personal feelings could interfere with your professional relationship. I have to credit Carol with showing me the ropes at my first “real” job.

Once work was the major source of friendship; Adam Grant explains, now we go to the office to be efficient, not to form bonds. We are having plenty of productive conversations but fewer meaningful relationships. Maybe this is because of the rise of flex time and virtual work. When more people are working remotely, we have fewer chances for the face-to-face encounters that are critical to friendships.

During the next LIVE Nine to Five show with Doneisha on Charlotte Community Radio, I will be in the studio with Carol Long celebrating 10 years of friendship. We will share the top 10 tips for workplace friendships. If you have questions that you would like me to answer during the show, comment while using the Mixlr app, leave a comment on my FaceBook page, or Tweet me here: @ninetofivewdee.

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