Simply aPauling Feb 6th: Paul & Robyn Pallotta

Tune into Charlotte Community Radio Monday, February 6th, from 9:00pm to 10:00pm for another LIVE broadcast of Simply aPauling with in-studio guests Paul and Robyn Pallotta.

Photo of Paul and Robyn PallottaSo for those of you that don’t know, February 6th will be the last episode of Simply aPauling, as I am moving to New York City the following week. So I thought what better way to end it then to have the people who started it all on my show, my parents Paul and Robyn Pallotta.

I can’t tell you much about their lives before May 28th, 1989, because to me that’s when their life officially started. I do know that they were each born in 1964 in New York, they went to the same high school, and then they got married. They then had their first child in 1986, and after realizing they could do better, they had me three years later. Five years and one more child later, they decided to pick up everything they owned, which wasn’t much, and move to North Carolina. I still don’t know the reason why they decided to leave everyone and everything they’ve ever known, but I like to think we have a New York mafia background and it was the Witness Protection Program that forced their move. They would go on spending the next 20 years working hard just so they could raise a family they hate.

I am super afraid to have my parents on as my guests. When I told them they were gonna be my guests, they both said, “I’ve got to think of some good childhood stories”. I am just grateful that you can’t see baby photos over the radio. So tune in LIVE as I sit and listen to embarrassing stories of myself, it’s gonna be fun.

Image of Paul Pallotta, Simply aPaulingSimply aPauling, hosted by Paul Pallotta, airs every other Monday from 9:00pm to 10:00pm via CharlotteCommunity, or use the Mixlr app to listen and chat with our hosts and guests alike.

Paul Pallotta ~ Simply aPauling

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