Nine to Five Feb 7th: Getting The Salary You Deserve With Miranda Hairston

Photo of Miranda HairstonI’m going to start by letting the cat out of the bag. The key to getting the salary you deserve is by doing. your. research and understanding the salary range of a position so that you are well informed.

According to Ms. Careeer Girl, “the ugly truth about women and their salaries is this: “(Women) take home less money than men performing the exact same jobs”. That just amazes me. Gender research says for every one dollar a man makes, a woman only makes 80 cents. Wow! It’s time we stand up and get the salary we deserve.

During my next Nine to Five show on Charlotte Community Radio, Miranda Hairston, a relationship strategist who is passionate about human resources, training, and education, and I will discuss the biggest salary mistakes women make. We’ll answer these frequently asked questions: What to do and say when asked about your salary requirements? How to evaluate a job offer? Do you think you know when it is the right time to bring up salary during the hiring process? We are talking about all of that. Maybe it’s time for your annual review and you need to negotiate a raise? Yep! That too!

Miranda is a known collaborator with over 15 years in the human resources industry. A natural connector, she loves the energy of connecting those who are reaching for their next success. Miranda wants to get into your business in a good way.

Listen to my LIVE show on Tuesday, February 7th from 6:45pm to 7:45pm when Miranda and I talk about getting the salary you deserve while working Nine to Five.

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