Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Jan 9th: Liz Hilliard & Clary Hilliard Gray-Hilliard Studio Method

Photo of Liz and Clary of Hilliard Studio Method

Photo by Chris Edwards

Well, it’s January and like most, I am looking to make some positive changes. I am looking to push reset and get my mind, body, and psyche healthier. So my January Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour shows, airing LIVE every other Monday on Charlotte Community Radio, are going to be committed to health and wellness.

I have heard many people swear by the locally created and operated Hilliard Studio Method (HSM) for years and wanted to learn more. So I invited the co-creators (mother and daughter) Liz Hilliard and Clary Hilliard Gray onto the show. They started this studio nine years ago after Clary requested that her mom, Liz who was a Pilates instructor, help her get into shape for her wedding. Liz took this request to heart and researched all the cutting edge exercise and fitness techniques and they saw great results. This curiosity and commitment is what has continued to make HSM such a staple in the Charlotte fitness scene. The two recently visited New York City on a book tour and saw so much interest in their method that they are returning January 21st to host classes and see where that leads.

I had to put my money where my mouth was so I took the class and WOW! It’s not like anything I have taken before and my rumpus was kicked but I felt great. I look forward to talking to Liz and Clary live on Monday, January 9th at 7:00pm.

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