Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Jan 23rd: Wellness Roundtable

Photo of members of the Wellness Roundtable

As consumers we are constantly inundated with new diets, workout trends, and “easy fixes” to lose weight fast and get healthy. That’s why I am bringing together three women from different wellness backgrounds so we can cut through all the garbage and get right down to what we need to be doing to better ourselves. As promised, on Monday, January 23rd during my Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour show, airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, I am rounding out January with another episode focused on health and wellness. This will be my first forum discussion and it’s a great line-up.

Samantha Eaton of Healthy Eaton is a certified health coach who is extremely knowledgeable about the right foods to eat to keep you feeling and looking healthy with the added benefit of losing weight.

Sandra Weber of Integrative Bodyworks is a certified massage therapist whose expertise is chronic pain. Sandra teaches daily habits that help to reduce and eliminate consistent aches and pains.

Quinn Reynolds, owner/teacher of Arrichion Hot Yoga + Circuit Training, located in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham, has been an athlete all of her life but really felt a mind and body transformation when she began practicing hot yoga.  

All three of these women bring their own set of wellness struggles and triumphs and hearing them share those experiences will be such a treat. Be sure to join me for a stimulating panel discussion on health and wellness on January 23rd.

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