Nine to Five Jan 10th: Following Your Passion-Jeanease Lucas

Photo of Jeanease LucasHow do people end up following their passion? The key to finding a great career is to identify your greatest interest “your passion” and pursue a career involving that interest. In the meanwhile, you still need to pay bills and take care of your responsibilities right? So how could you pursue your true interest?

Famous people like Whoopi Goldberg, George Clooney, and JK Rowling started their careers in not so conventional ways. Whoopi Goldberg once paid her bills by applying makeup to dead people. Making his start as Dr. Doug Ross on TV’s ER, George Clooney worked as a door-to-door insurance salesman before he landed his breakout role. JK Rowling first worked as a researcher and bilingual secretary for Amnesty International before she became the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. All of these famous people followed their passion leading to the careers we know them for today.

Jeanease Lucas, my next Nine to Five guest, is a seasoned workforce development professional who is committed to following her passion also. By day she uses her skills to teach a variety of job search related workshops. Mrs. Lucas also counsels clients in personal development. By night Jeanease is following her passion through the work she does as the Founder and CEO of Jean’s Daughters, an organization that is designed to assist and support young ladies who have lost a parent due to tragic circumstances. Grief can be an overwhelming experience. For grieving children, emotions following the death of a loved one can be isolating, confusing, devastating and ultimately life-altering.

Listen to Charlotte Community Radio on Tuesday, January 10th during my LIVE conversation with Jeanease Lucas as we talk about being committed to following your passion while working Nine to Five.

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