Tea Time Dec 20th: Mike Watson, Charlotte’s Heart-Centric Change Agent

Photo of Mike Watson

Photo By Richard Israel

Maybe you have seen Mike Watson as the TEDx Charlotte emcee or speaking at Pecha Kucha Charlotte or maybe you are a student in one of his classes at the Art Institute of Charlotte. However, you have encountered him you know that Mike is a delight to be around and collaborate with. I first met Mike when we were both asked to participate in a dialogue session where he was facilitating a discussion around harmonious conversations and I was the entertainment :).  If one were to ask Mike, his thoughts on how creativity can be achieved in all facets of life, I believe he would point you towards his Heart-Centric philosophy.

Mike states that his purpose is to reshape leadership so as to reshape lives for the better; this passion serves a purpose greater than himself which is a key tenet of his Heart-Centric Leadership model.Watson’s Heart-Centric leadership and awareness provides excitement and energy around connecting seemingly unconnected thoughts, acts or events into positive moments that push boundaries, realize possibilities, and explore new opportunities. Seeing these patterns in the chaos is a result of focused self-awareness, and the willingness to be quiet, so as to listen and to be assertive in order to take purposeful action. The Heart-Centric philosophy in leadership and life, supports the idea that happiness occurs when individuals perform personally expressive behaviors during meaningful goal pursuits.

Join me as I chat with Mike about creativity, finding/living our purpose and connecting it all back to our HEARTS or as Mike would and did say in a tweet on 12/15/2016, “Work Heart’er and Be Smarter” we will be Heart-Centric with Mike Watson on Tea Time with Tenya LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio at 6:30pm on December 20th.

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Tenya Colemon ~ Tea Time

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