Simply aPauling Dec 12th: Improviser, Paige VanTassell

Photo of Paige VantassellTune into Charlotte Community Radio Monday, December 12th from 9:00pm to 10:00pm for another LIVE broadcast of Simply aPauling with in-studio guest Paige VanTassel.

Paige VanTassell is not the coolest. She posed for her prom pictures with Walmart’s highest priced lightsaber because she believes in good quality. While she was studying abroad in Denmark, she didn’t go out very much, she was too engrossed in the Ultimate Spider-man comic series. She went to a Backstreet Boys concert. Like, really recently.

Paige is used to not really having a life – she swam competitively for fourteen years, and she was a bit of a perfectionist in all of her classes. In college, she convinced herself that her great love of Scrubs meant that she should become a doctor. Three years and two semesters of organic chemistry later, she realized that she just really liked television. So now, she’s attempting to break into the “biz”.

Working as a production assistant on films like Max and Paper Towns, has helped her produce multiple local and independent projects. She currently works shitty part-time gigs so that she can focus on her true passion, writing. Paige has written several pilots and spec scripts, one of which was recognized in this year’s Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.

You can see Paige perform improv comedy at Charlotte Comedy Theater, and she’s part of the hilarious local sketch group, Boom Goes the Dinosaur. In her free time, she watches Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Community, and Rick and Morty over and over again. Sometimes she wonders if she has any original thoughts, as a majority of her conversations are just references from those shows.

Join us Monday night as I sit and talk to Paige about our opinions on The Voice, and if there’s time we will improvise a scene at the end.

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