Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Dec 12th: Entertainer, Ashley Harper

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I think we’ve all considered going on reality television at some point, right? For me, I was 21. Thought I was interesting enough, had no immediate post-college plans, and wanted to move (somewhere sweet!) free of charge so I applied to The Real World. I wrote a paragraph about myself (which I hope to NEVER track down) and sent a photo. The response I got was that I would be more suited for The Bad Girls Club. Needless to say, my reality TV dreams never came to fruition but that has not made me any less curious about those whose do.

Ashley Harper (affectionately known as “Ashley from Denver”) gained notoriety for her appearance on Season 17 of ABC’s The Bachelor featuring Sean Lowe. Although Ashley wasn’t bestowed with the final rose, she has managed to stay busy.

Ashley is an accomplished singer, dancer, model, and motivational speaker to name a few of her endeavors. A North Carolina native hailing from Fort Bragg, Ashley took home the crown in countless beauty pageants and started print modeling at the age of eight.

In 2010, Ashley moved to Denver where she founded a nonprofit, L.O.C.A.L.. (Local Organic Community Awareness Lounge), that assisted the community in environmental justice. Her recent work has brought her back to North Carolina, and I am thrilled to have her in the Charlotte Community Radio studio during my Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour show on Monday, December 12th at 7:00pm.

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