Nine to Five Dec 27th: Five People Your Career Needs in 2017

Professionals in suitsAs 2016 comes to an end, most people may start the new year with a resolution in which a promise to do an act of self-improvement is made. Most people will be thinking about what diet they are going to try or will join millions of Americans in the gym come January to self-improve. Should you instead be more selective with the people you surround yourself with? According to The Muse, your ultimate career finder and guidance destination, when you picture success, what do you see? “An independent and charismatic leader whose superpower is making amazing business and (personal) decisions without any input?”

The Muse also mentions that it can actually be “bad for our career to go it alone all the time.” “As a culture, we admire independence and see it as a virtue, but the reality of success is a little different.” “You are the company you keep”, something your parents have told you over and over again for years. These days, it makes more sense than ever.

During the next Nine to Five show with Doneisha, I will tell you the top five people you will need in your career in 2017. If you have questions that you would like me to answer during the LIVE show, comment while using the Mixlr app, leave a comment on my FaceBook page, or Tweet me here: @ninetofivewdee.

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Nine to Five ~ Doneisha Wilson

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