Introducing Luxury Club With Ben “Trobro” Doherty

Photo of DJ Trobro - Ben DohertyBen “Trobro” Doherty is a former college radio DJ, Computer Engineer, and Music Director all at WSBF-FM Clemson. He’s been spellbound by electronic music, and college and community radio ever since a fateful sunrise drive while listening to Tycho for the first time. Before singularizing himself with the digital world slowly encapsulating him, he swears he got one last glimpse of the sun.

He ran several radio shows during his time at WSBF including Mollified, a long form ambient show; NOISE, a show that experimented and studied sound and noise, harsh, and soft; Shark Tank Block Party, a rotating electronic genre show that was always unpredictable, and, most recently, Luxury Club.

About Luxury Club with DJ Trobro

Image for Luxury Club ShowLuxury Club, making its LIVE, Charlotte Community Radio debut on Wednesday, December 14th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, is a show about new ideas in electronic music. So many young minds have come together in a very short time to collaboratively create the future sounds of electronic, hip-hop, and club music. Luxury Club’s DJ Trobro is dedicated to finding the very best of all of these incredibly cool and bleeding-edge tracks from the deep, dark corners of Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Luxury Club will also strive to find any and all local producers pushing the bar in electronic music and hip hop production.

All tracks played during the Luxury Club show will be available in posts on my Facebook page, in my likes and/or reposts on Soundcloud, or this page.

Luxury Club, hosted by DJ TroBro airs every Wednesday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm via or where you can chat with our hosts and guests alike.

Ben Doherty – DJ Trobro ~ Luxury Club

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