Simply aPauling Nov 14th: Improviser, Cale Evans

Photo of Improvisor, Cale Evans

Photo by Holly Czuba

Tune into Charlotte Community Radio Monday, November 14th from 9:00pm to 10:00pm for another LIVE broadcast of Simply aPauling with in-studio guest Cale Evans.

Cale \keɪl\ n, [1817; < Greek kal (ós) beautiful]

a: Mediocre American improvisor & writer, best known for Now Are the Foxes, Charlotte Comedy Theater, Improv Charlotte, et al.

b: proud father and fortunate husband,

c: mid-level wage slave working for the biggest company on the planet,

d: former fish taco enthusiast

When you look at all the different improv groups around Charlotte, they all have one thing in common, Cale Evans. And the fact that he does all that while having a full time job and raising a family makes it that much more impressive.

If you want to know anything about the Charlotte improv scene then Cale Evans is the man to talk to. Performing in Charlotte for the past 5 years he seems to be everywhere. Starting at Charlotte Comedy Theater, he has since branched off and formed his own troupe Now are the Foxes, which has gone on to great things performing at the New South Comedy Festival in Greenville, South Carolina at Alchemy Comedy Theater, and most recently at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at DSI Comedy Theater.

So, if you have any questions about the improv scene in Charlotte or just want to hear two people talk about what their passionate about, then your gonna want to listen to this LIVE conversation. As always with every improviser we will end the show with us improvising a scene, so who knows what can happen.

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