Nine to Five Nov 1st: Kenneth Smith – Making Your Network Work

Photo of people networkingYour boss sends you an email and in the subject line it says, Mandatory Networking Event. Do you panic or get excited? No matter what your reaction is my next show is just for you.

When people typically think of networking they think of meeting different people that will help take their career or business to the next level. What if we thought about networking as a tool to help others and not just ourselves. Hmm now that’s a thought. According to the Huffington Post most people fail to realize that networking is about developing mutually beneficial relationships and people fail to network on a continuous basis.

My next guest is definitely no stranger to networking and on Tuesday, November 1st, Kenneth Smith joins me in-studio during Nine to Five airing LIVE at 6:45pm on Charlotte Community Radio.

Kenneth Smith is an author, motivational speaker, business owner and the founder of Grace Mar Services Inc, a grassroots nonprofit organization in Charlotte North Carolina. He has over 25 years in the corporate world in a number of positions including, Junior Accountant, Bank Manager, CRA Loan Officer, Executive Recruiter, and Territory Manager. We’ll talk about places where job seekers should be networking while answering the question; what do I need to do before a networking event? What type of question should we or shouldn’t we be asking of someone you may want in your network? What should we be doing after meeting someone. And lastly, we’ll tell you the best ways to keep in touch with your growing network.

Listen to my next Nine to Five show to learn How To Make Your Network Work.

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