Introducing Tea Time With Tenya Colemon

Photo of Tenya Colemon Who is Tenya Colemon? Well, it depends on what shoe she’s wearing.

Tenya is a jazz vocalist, gallery crawler, sci-fi lover, a Francophile who can’t speak French, and someone who marches to the beat of her own drum. That beat has led her to Charlotte Community Radio to offer up her dry wit and love of all things creative to all who dare to listen to her first radio show called Tea Time.

Yes, there will be talk of tea, as it is one of her favorite beverages. From green to oolong, in-studio guests will be greeted with a cup to enjoy as the conversation unfolds LIVE on air.

We’ve heard Tenya sing, and now we get to hear if she can deliver up another side of her persona during a talk show.

Image for Tea Teme with TenyaAbout Tea Time with Tenya

Tea Time is a talk show where your host, Tenya Colemon, sips tea with her in-studio guests while chatting about an array of topics from the arts and pop-culture to travel and style. So boil the water, brew the tea, and get ready to listen every other Tuesday night.

Tea Time, hosted by Tenya Colemon, airs every other Tuesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm via or where you can chat with our hosts and guests alike.

Tenya Colemon ~ Tea Time

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