Blow The Whistles Oct 10th: NFL, Heisman in Chapel Hill, Panic Panthers?

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It’s hard to believe the NFL regular season is already 1/4 of the way through. For teams with winning records, there is hope, for teams at 2-2, there’s optimism, and for teams with losing records, they swear this isn’t who they are. So, with 4 games under teams’ respective belts, what conclusions can we draw? Oh, and a man named Tom is going back to work in Boston. What does this mean for the rest of the league?

Desean Watson, Christian McCaffrey, and the highly touted Lamar Jackson have gotten all the buzz so far this college football season, and rightfully so. What if I told you there’s someone who deserves his place in the conversation? And what if I told you this young man resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mitch Trubisky is quietly putting together one of the best seasons in QB history, and after last week’s win over Florida State, it’s time to talk about him.

The Heisman Trophy and Chapel Hill seem about as synonymous as orange juice and lug nuts, but a 4-1 record, 76% completion rate, 13 touchdowns and 0 interceptions seem to say otherwise. I’ll explain why Trubisky not only should be a Heisman candidate but why he is on pace to have the greatest college football season ever.

And then there’s the Carolina Panthers. At 1-3, the Panthers’ defense isn’t the same, offense isn’t the same, and their MVP Quarterback isn’t the same. I’ll give my opinion on why the Panthers have performed so poorly thus far, and why I don’t think it’s all x’s and o’s.

All of this, plus the NBA pre-season come to the light on this week’s LIVE Charlotte Community Radio show. Listen on Monday, October 10th at 6pm, when it’s time to Blow The Whistles on the world of sports.

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