Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Sept 19th: Comedian, Blayr Nias

Comedian, Blayr Nias

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On the September 19th Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour, airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio at 7:00pm, we will have a full circle moment!

The first episode of the show premiered on February 1st with local comedic sensation Blayr Nias as my in-studio guest. (If you weren’t able to catch that episode, you can read the blog post and listen to the recording here). She was cool enough to trust me and be the first guest ever. I suspected that whatever happened we would have some laughs. We put my theory to the test when Blayr arrived 10 minutes late (I give better directions now) and I was sweating buckets trying to figure out how to fill time, but we still managed to have a fantastic first show! Now, seven months later, Blayr is making her return!

Blayr continues to make waves in comedy and grow her audience; performing all over this great nation in cities like Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, and DC. Recently, she opened for Steve-O and Josh Wolf. This week, Blayr is featuring at the Stardome in Birmingham, Alabama. She still hosts and produces The Almost Famous Comedy Show at The Charlotte Comedy Zone. The last show of the year is Wednesday, September 28th, starring Mike Mello.

I am really excited to catch up with Blayr on Monday night so tune in for some chuckles and to hear how far we both have hopefully come (ha-ha).

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