Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Oct 3rd: Rescue Me 5k Representative, Sara Enos & Writer, Kylie Moore

Sara Enos

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Since starting this journey with Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour on Charlotte Community Radio I have had my mind opened to new points of view, subjects, and cultures and I expect this next episode to be impactful as well. On the Monday, October 3rd show I am welcoming two guests into the studio, Sara Enos and Kylie Moore.

Sara Enos  is the Founder & CEO of the American Pit Bull Foundation and she will be in-studio to talk about an upcoming The Rescue Me 5k fundraising event scheduled for Saturday, October 15th benefiting Operation Sidekick. This  organization trains rescued pit bulls as service dogs to help our veterans overcome the struggles of PTSD and depression.

Kylie Moore, Writer at Charlotte Agenda I will also have writer Kylie Moore in-studio. She writes a series for Charlotte Agenda that I’ve grown fond of called Cash Confessional. It is masterfully entertaining and like nothing I have read before. I scheduled Kylie before the events that rocked our city last week. So I also want to talk to her about the environment of working in a media outlet during what is sure to be a week that goes down in Charlotte’s history as one of our worst.

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