Nine to Five Sept 20th: 11 Signs It Is Time To Change Jobs

According to LiveCareer, in today’s work environment, job-seekers change jobs, employers, and careers on a regular basis. Gone are the days when any job-seeker gets hired and plans long-term employment with one employer. In fact, recent studies indicate that the average worker will change careers — not just jobs — several times over the course of a lifetime. But how do you know when it’s time to change jobs and/or careers?

Photo of At Work Like I Can't It is easy to get comfortable, to get into a rut, and before you know it you are that employee everyone seems to ignore. While some may find it thrilling to embark on a new career, others may allow the challenge of changing careers to get them frustrated. The thought of changing careers or jobs should scare you. If the thought of having to learn new systems, getting to know new co-workers, and the unknown of whether the grass is greener on the other side doesn’t scare you, you should check your pulse.

On the next Nine to Five with Doneisha, airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio at 6:45pm, we will discuss signs that will let you know it is time to change careers, the best times to change careers, and exactly how to change careers. Take this simple 10 question quiz on to see if you need to change careers right now!!

Join me on September 20th during my LIVE show for 11 Signs It Is Time To Change Jobs.

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