Blow The Whistles Sept 26th: State of Emergency, NFL Contenders and Pretenders, Big Announcement

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The beautiful city of Charlotte saw its uptown/downtown area become a scene of anarchy, unrest, and chaos this week. After two deaths by black men at the hands of police officers, one happening in Charlotte, the city saw peaceful protests turn into riots, and a city’s up and coming downtown streets turn into a mock war scene.

What does a city that is so young and vibrant do amongst a sea of political and racial unrest? And, how do sports tie into all of this?

The NFL is by and large the country’s most popular sports league and its impact on culture and society only grow as the days go on. So, I will address the issues facing our country’s race landscape, while trying to answer one of the toughest questions that athletes, both collegiate and professional, face each and every day: Is there a responsibility for athletes to use their voices and platforms to address social and political topics?

Also, since this is a show about sports, you know we have to talk about the results on the field. Young quarterbacks have exceeded expectations thus far, but is it too early to dawn them franchise QB’s? The NFC East seems to have legitimate contenders, but will they prove to be contenders by season’s end? These questions will be answered, coupled with key week one wrap-ups, as well as a look at the hometown Carolina Panthers.

This week’s show is guaranteed to provoke thought about the always transcending world that is American sports. And, you don’t want to miss my announcement to close out the show, as I will be revealing who my first in-studio guest will be for the first October show, which is set for the 10th.

Tune in for another LIVE Blow The Whistles talk show hosted by me, Brandon Brown, Monday, September 26th.

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