Simply aPauling Aug 22nd: Comedian, Ryan Davis

Tune into Charlotte Community Radio Monday, August 22nd from 9:00pm to 10:00pm for another LIVE broadcast of Simply aPauling with in-studio guest Ryan Davis.

Photo taken by D. Moore

Photo by D. Moore

Ryan is a comedian out of Concord, North Carolina whose versatile style has allowed him to open for mainstream acts like Jay Pharoah, eccentric acts like Tom Green, and urban acts like Michael Blackson. He’s become an Internet sensation with a global fan base due to hilarious videos of his social commentary. Although his videos are extremely popular, Ryan will always be funnier in person.

He started doing comedy in 2013, performing for the first time at an open mic at the Comedy Zone. Just three shorts years later, on August 21st, Ryan Davis returns to the Comedy Zone not as an open micer, but as a headlining comedian. You don’t get to this point without hours of hard work, dedication and determination, and with all that he has built a solid fan base all over the United States. So much so that he is planning a national tour in the near future. One way he has built a solid fan base was by posting videos on his Facebook page that started going viral, with some even being featured on World Star Hip Hop. I have really enjoyed watching him grow as a comic, and seeing the work he puts in inspires me to work harder. If he keeps this up, it won’t be long before no one is wondering Who the Hell is Ryan Davis, because everyone will know.

I’m really excited that Ryan agreed to join me in-studio the night after one of the biggest shows of his career. Listen to us LIVE as we talk about that show, how he got to this point in his career, and what inspired him to start making videos.

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