Soul Connections Jul 19th: Certified Matchmaker, Sheryl Spangler and Mime Artist/Director, Kea R. Whitaker

Photo of Relationship Specialist and Certified Matchmaker, Sheryl SpanglerDo you choose your dating/relationship partners or do they choose you? It’s important to gain clarity about who you’re looking for before focusing on finding that ideal person.

You deserve to have the relationship of your dreams! By truly understanding what you want from a relationship and applying some very basic Law of Attraction principles, you will ensure that you get what you truly desire. It’s important to understand exactly what physical traits, behaviors, values, beliefs, and interests are important to you so you can focus on what you want in your relationship instead of what you don’t want. Remember, positive or negative, you will get what you focus on.

At the top of my Soul Connections show on Tuesday, July 19th, Relationship Specialist and Certified Matchmaker, Sheryl Spangler will be in-studio. Sheryl specializes in helping women over 40 attract the love of their life through her forward moving program, Find Love After 40. She is also the Founder and President of Heart & Soul Matchmaking, Inc.

Photo of Kea R. Whitaker, Mime Artist and Director

During the second half of my Charlotte Community Radio show, we explore the topic of Body Language. Every physical movement we make conveys a world of emotions. The raised eyebrow, sharp inhalation, or inadvertent smirk: Each non-verbal expression is tied to neurochemical responses that constantly communicate what cannot be articulated in words. Body language affects everything – your relationships, your career, even your self-image. These, in turn, impact your happiness, personal power, and ultimately your health.

In the second half, Kea R. Whitaker, Mime Artist and Director of Matrimony Mime, LLC, joins us. She and her husband Antoine developed a series of workshops and seminars to assist married couples, businesses, and individuals in building relationships and effective communication skills.

Kea’s personal journey was filled with challenges of depression, low-self esteem, and financial burdens. As a result of a decade of non-verbal and communications experience, including the use of positive-focused-energy work, Kea developed a renewed inner strength and self-confidence.

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