Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Jul 11th: Coach Babette

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Babette Cauble, otherwise known as “Coach Babette” is the CEO & Owner of CB Coaching & Consulting. She is also the CEO & Founding Advisor of Every Woman Can Be… and CEO & Co-Founder of Every Girl Can Be… , two organizations that were created to bring together liked minded women who wish to better themselves, experience a sense of unity, and learn skills that are applicable to their goals.

Babette is a successful business woman, motivator, and mother. She has helped many individuals and corporations achieve their goals while helping people cut through what is standing in their way, focus, and carve out the time needed to achieve personal success. One of Babette’s keys to success is that the majority of situations she is advising women on she has lived through herself.

Babette created an educational series called Dump Debt ‘n Live Free to remove the myth that debt is the natural way of life by sharing her story of dumping $96,000 of debt in order to leave Corporate America and raise her daughter.

I cannot wait to have Babette Cauble in the Charlotte Community Radio Station studio. I think no matter where you are in life its always good to have a goal and even better if you can get some help and motivation to reach it.

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