Nine to Five Jul 26th: Entrepreneurs Are Born Not Made – Travell Thompson

Photo of Travell ThompsonAn entrepreneur is defined as a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. On the next Nine to Five show, airing LIVE via Charlotte Community Radio, my in-studio guest is Travell Thompson, owner of Unity Auto Sales. He has an incredible entrepreneurial journey and will share what it’s like to own a business, the sacrifices he’s made and what the future looks like for his company.

Entrepreneurship is not just about understanding business plans and inventory management. Almost every successful entrepreneur will tell you how they’ve had a drive to build, and create since they were a kid. Travell Thompson is no different. As a young boy, he delivered newspapers in his neighborhood of Buffalo, New York and now, he’s a successful entrepreneur and businessman in Charlotte, North Carolina. Travell often compares owning his automotive company to his childhood newspaper business.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, is it nature or nurture that’s most important? Travell accredits being raised by a single mom who ingrained in him at an early age not to take shortcuts or make excuses in life. He got into lots of trouble growing up and his mother was persistent in making him understand consequences and repercussions.

Join me LIVE on Tuesday, July 26th for a discussion about how entrepreneurs are born not made.

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