Voices From The Community Jun 2nd: Guitarist, Vadim Kolpakov

Photo of Vadim KolpakovWe ventured out to the Tosco Music Party and experienced a variety of local music. My husband and I were fascinated by the international music performance of Russian Roma (Gypsy) 7-string guitarist Vadim Kolpakov and his nephew. During a holiday party, we enjoyed their music up close and personal, exchanged cards, and on my Thursday, June 2nd show on Charlotte Community Radio I’ll chat with Vadim about his music.

Vadim Kolpakov is one of the most prominent and renowned Russian Roma (Gypsy) 7-string guitarists in the world. He was a lead musician of the Moscow Roma (Gypsy) Theatre Romen, where he performed as a guitarist, composer, vocalist, dancer and dramatic actor. To this day, his original guitar compositions are performed in many prominent plays at the theatre as part of the vibrant oral tradition of the Russian Roma culture. Hailing from Saratov, Russia, Vadim graduated from the Roma performing arts school Gilori and studied guitar with his uncle Alexander Kolpakov, the virtuoso Russian 7-string guitarist who served as the musical director of the Romen Gypsy Theatre for over a quarter of a century. At 15, Vadim began work at the same theatre, where he worked for eight years and was the leading guitarist for seven.

Vadim has given concerts in Carnegie Hall (New York City), as well as in the Kremlin (Moscow) for the Russian president Putin, the Kazakhstan president Nazarbaev, and for both the Finnish and Portuguese presidents and parliaments. He has performed in Europe with the Russian Gypsy group Gelem as lead guitarist and performed in the famous Roma festival Khamoro in the Czech capital, Prague. Vadim also appeared at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in DC.

He taught traditional Roma guitar, dance, and vocal repertoire for two semesters in 2006 and in 2007 as an Artist-In-Residence at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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