Soul Connections Jun 28th: Self-Care Guru, Rita K. Garnto

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How do you self-care? Any intentional action you take to care for your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health is considered self-care. Typically, we women put ourselves at the bottom of our “to-do” lists. How can we expect to give 100% of ourselves to our kids, husbands, friends, and businesses IF we do not first start giving to ourselves?

Self-care does NOT have to be time-consuming and overly involved. Simple self-care can be added to your daily routine virtually effortlessly and only takes a minute or two. It’s the beauty of small things that add up over time and make the difference. I like to call it “consistent moderation” or being “moderately consistent”. Examples of simple self-care include getting out of bed the “right” way, stretching while brushing your teeth, and using the “power of the pause”, just to name a few.

My special in-studio guest during Soul Connections, airing LIVE June 28th at 8pm on Charlotte Community Radio, will be Rita K. Garnto. Her personal journey has been filled with the challenges of infertility, adoption, family death, and chronic health issues. Rita is no stranger to stress herself. Based on 33-years of healthcare experience plus her own health struggles, Rita, as the Simple Self-Care Specialist, developed a series of self-care workshops to help women find a path through stress.

Rita’s mantra, “When you are stuck in a rut, the only thing between you and moving forward is one simple self-care choice”, is her baseline for helping women understand how important their well-being is to themselves and those they love. Stress decreases the quality of your life, and simple self-care can make a huge difference—one small change at a time.

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