Soul Connections Jun 14th: Energy Medicine Practitioner, Miri Klements

Photo of Miri KlementsHave you ever felt older than your years, or from another time? Chances are you are that wondrous mix of experience, wisdom, and youth that is the old soul.

If you’ve often felt slightly removed from the worries of today and miss the simplistic life of a time gone by, or somehow feel a little out of sync with what your peers are concerned with, there’s a chance you may be an old soul.

Being an old soul refers to how you view and approach life. Your views echo those of someone much older than you, who has lived a long and fruitful life. You approach life with a greater sense of knowledge and wisdom coupled with a greater sense of inner wealth. Listen to Soul Connections June 14th on Charlotte Community Radio as we discuss attributes of an old soul.

My special guest for the evening will be Miri Klements who is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Reiki Master and is trained in Ancient Egyptian Healing, Access Consciousness, and Reconnective Healing. Miri also offers Soul Integration and Angelic Presence Energy Healings.

Miri is an Old Soul – Compassionate and Wise. She creates a space where you feel safe, seen and heard. Miri gently and masterfully supports you in getting to the root causes of your suffering and limitations and gives you the tools and skills to bring true healing, transformation, awakening, and permanent ongoing healthy changes into your life.

Image for Soul ConnectionsSoul Connections, hosted by Denise Peters, airs every Tuesday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm via CharlotteCommunity, or use the Mixlr app where you can chat with our hosts and guests alike.

Denise Peters ~ Soul Connections

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