Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Jun 27th: The Margarita Confessionals Podcast

Photo of Ali Washburn & Lauren Levine

Photo by Courtney Schramm of Charlotte Lately.

Ali Washburn and Lauren Levine  migrated to Charlotte for different reasons but both have made strong connections and are very invested in this community. Their fun-loving friendship budded through Twitter which makes perfect sense as to why they would decide to team up on a creative project. Each woman has a diverse working background. Their writing, media, and business skills have all led to the continued success of their current joint venture The Margarita Confessionals.

The podcast covers a myriad of topics from dating apps, their personal lives, and more impactful topics, highlighted over conversations with in-studio guests who bring unique perspectives like what it’s like to grow up with two moms. At its core, the podcast is two best friends having a chat over some cocktails while letting us listen in. They are the animated duo across the patio that you are dying to know what they are talking about (just me?).

The podcast has also teamed up with Charlotte Five and they have a weekly column called Margarita Monday. The column is a mini gear up for the podcast that week and is a great source for the downtrodden dater-dude without a clue, or just a fun afternoon read.

I am happy to highlight two female entrepreneurial spirits during my next Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour on Charlotte Community Radio, and maybe they can shed some light on the millennial dating scene in Charlotte. I am single, did I mention that?

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