Soul Connections May 10th: Success Coach, Beckie Saupé-Kohler

Success in life requires a growth mindset. It demands approaching resistance as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. It’s only when you stretch beyond what you thought was possible, that you discover strength you never knew. This is what is called STRETCH MARKS! Apply it to life, health, mind, body, business, relationships, and absolutely everything.

Photo of Beckie Saupé-KohlerOn the next Soul Connections, airing Tuesday, May 10th on Charlotte Community Radio from 8:00pm to 9:00pm, Beckie Saupé-Kohler is my guest who will help you discover your strengths, weaknesses, life visions, getting “unstuck”, becoming your personal best and learning to enjoy your JOURNEY!

Think of Beckie as your GPS (Guided Personal Success) Coach to take you to whatever your destination is supposed to be. In Coaching, she uses a Validated Behaviors and Motivators Assessment as her Compass. The Assessment tells her about YOU; whether you are dominant, influenced, stable, conscientious, why and where you may be stuck, where you should put your focus, what your strengths and growth areas might be, how to work with others, how they should work with you and how to utilize all of this information to your advantage in working towards your personal goals.

Beckie has been a MomPreneur for the past 2 decades in traditional or home based business; but always being called to serve others in a lifestyle coaching capacity that encompassed mind, body and spirit for fitness, health, weight loss and lifestyle. With a great passion to mentor women, she is also the Co-Founding Partner of the Fight Club for Women; a Women’s Empowerment Club. Their mission is focused on inspiring, motivating and equipping women in all areas of their lives to find the inner fighter within them for their Self Health, Business, and Personal Development while philanthropically giving back.

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Denise Peters ~ Soul Connections

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