Introducing JAZZ LIVES!!! with Curtis “CurtJazz” Davenport

Photo of Curtis "CurtJazz" Daveport with BirdCurtis “CurtJazz” Davenport has been fascinated by jazz ever since he snuck into his older brother’s record collection while Big Bro was deployed in Vietnam. That fascination turned into a full-fledged love affair during his college years after he sat under the tutelage of a respected music professor who was also a working jazz musician.

In the mid 90’s Curtis left a job as a Country and Western radio DJ for his dream gig; as a host on an all jazz station on Long Island. For four years, he hosted several shows, becoming one of the station’s most popular personalities. He earned the respect of jazz fans and many of the hard to please working musicians who called Eastern Long Island home.

A 2011 introduction to Jazz Arts Initiative (JAI) founders Ocie and Lonnie Davis, led to Curtis being asked by the Davises in 2013 to act as MC of their new monthly jazz concert series, The Jazz Room, a position he holds until this day. Since 2014, Curtis has also served on the JAI Board of Directors.

You can keep in touch with Curtis for all things jazz by hitting him up on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.


Image for JAZZ LIVES!!!JAZZ LIVES!!!, premiering LIVE on Thursday, May 12th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, will be dedicated to jazz performed by some of the music’s great living legends. It will also be a place to hear new music from the exciting young jazz musicians of the 21st century who often struggle to be heard in a genre that is dominated by its past. The show will also feature interviews with and live performances from some of the area musicians who help to make Charlotte one of the hottest local jazz scenes in the country today.

JAZZ LIVES!!! with CurtJazz, airing LIVE every Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm via OR use the Mixlr app where you can listen and chat with our hosts and guests alike.

Curtis “CurtJazz” Davenport

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