Introducing Homegrown with DJ FoundACEtion

Photo of DJ FoundACEtionMay 9th is the date for the freshest new show on Charlotte Community Radio! Join me DJ FoundACEtion (Markieth Smith) as I break ground on my brand new show Homegrown, a soul music show that will be dedicated to the indie artists, poets, musicians, and all around good people in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and beyond.

A little bit about myself. I’m from Dallas Texas, now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I’ve been here for the last two years. I have a deep devotion to soul music, which prompted my DJ residencies in Texas for three years before I relocated to Charlotte.

As your host of Homegrown, it will be my honor and pleasure to bring you the voices of our artists here in the city. So to all of my artists, poets, and musicians, consider my show, Homegrown, your home! I will also take some time out during the show and talk to and recognize people doing big things in our community. I would also love to connect with all of my artists so connect with me on Facebook and Twitter and if you’d like to chat during the show, use the Mixlr app while listening.

Image of Homegrown with DJ FoundACEtionHomegrown w/DJ FoundACEtion airs every OTHER Monday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on, or where you can chat with our hosts and guests. I would love to feature local poetry, soul, and jazz artists on my show so let me know you’re out there.

DJ FoundACEtion

Press Up Next to view 2016 show recordings.

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