Homegrown w/DJ FoundACEtion May 9th: Support & Growth

Photo of Shawn D Allison by Michelle Meesh Flowers, Michelle Flowers Photography

Photo Credit: Michelle Flowers Photography

In-studio guest, Shawn D. Allison II, will be on the May 23rd show.

I’m all about cultivating and nurturing what we have in our own back yard, with that being said, my very first Homegrown guest does JUST THAT!!! Not only does he tell others about the happenings in the Queen City, he supports the arts! People talk about it, but this gentleman is a doer!!!

My first show airs LIVE Monday, May 9th on Charlotte Community Radio and as we get ready for that show, let me tell you a short story. I’ve only been living in Charlotte for 6 months and I had an event, my first one I might add, and he advertised it on his personal Facebook page and came out to support it…in the rain!!!! I was so grateful and I kept thanking him afterwards. From that point on we became friends. If you want to know what goes on ANYWHERE in Charlotte, he’s the person to connect with. He’s known as the “Black Ferris Bueller”, “The Weekend Warrior” and “Mr. Charlotte”. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you the Man himself, Mr. Shawn D. Allison II, creator of a weekly segment on Pride Magazine called The Rundown. Some of you are familiar with him and I’m telling you, if you need to know about anything going on in Charlotte, he’s your go-to guy period!

During the first Homegrown show, we’ll talk about the importance of supporting local talent here in the Queen City. Whether you volunteer your time to the arts or you ARE the arts. Regardless if you are an artist, musician, etc., your own people should be there to support you. So with that being said, support the radio station, support the show, and support what Shawn is sharing with you. Support & Growth….

Shawn D. Allison II appeared on the May 23rd, Homegrown show with DJ FoundACEtion.

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