Soul Connections Apr 26th: Practical Intuitive, Marcie Browning

Photo of Marcia Williams-BrowningOn the next Soul Connections, broadcasting LIVE Tuesday, April 26th from 8pm to 9pm on Charlotte Community Radio, my guest will be Marcie Browning, Practical Intuitive and Certified Hypnotist. Akashic Records, collectively understood to be a collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether, will be the topic of the evening. These books represent the entire history of the soul. Each experience, each incarnation, and all of the lessons learned whether in body or in spirit are recorded in the Akashic Records.

Marcie Browning calls herself a practical intuitive. Her goal is to give clients advice from the other side along with actions and spiritual practices to help them improve their lives in easy and simple ways. Glimpses of childhood memories remind her that her intuitive gift has always been guiding her. She is an empath at her core who has spent years developing all of her intuitive senses. Today, she uses her innate intuition combined with years of experience and knowledge to assist others to fully embrace their own personal power and intuition. She provides clients with personal sessions, facilitates intuitive galleries and teaches workshops and classes.

One of her favorite childhood memories is of a beautiful marble floored library with gorgeous wood shelves and large books. Her personal spirit guide Catherine called it the Hall of Records. Through the years she learned that each soul has their very own book in the Hall of Records. As an adult, she realized this beautiful place holds the Akashic Records.

Image for Soul ConnectionsSoul Connections, hosted by Denise Peters, airs every Tuesday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm via CharlotteCommunity, or where you can chat with our hosts.

Denise Peters ~ Soul Connections

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