Soul Connections Apr 19th: Entrepreneur, Marvin Wilson

Photo of Marvin Wilson**Rescheduled: Now Airing LIVE April 19th**

Do you see with your Mind or do you see with your Eyes? My next Soul Connections guest, airing LIVE on Charlotte Community Radio this Tuesday, April 12th, is Marvin Wilson.

He’s known as Meta-Marvin and he emerged from a gift of the universe in the form of a book. From this book, he was introduced to many perspectives of life that led to an inspiring transformation of his life. During a 12 hour shift at work, a former co-worker gave him a book called “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen that opened the doors to limitless knowledge.

As a new entrepreneur, Meta-Marvin knew his life could be transformed into higher levels by obtaining new knowledge and being consistent with what he had learned. With the understanding of everything being connected, he named one of his businesses “Secret Entertainment Group” from a book called, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. His entertainment company led him to meet people with enhanced knowledge, epic goals and perseverance. Meta-Marvin quickly knew that being in the presence of such people would propel him to new heights, new opportunities, and motivate him to share this knowledge with others.

Join in the conversation of learning on Tuesday, April 12th to see with your Mind’s Eye. Nature provides us with the ability to hear with our ears, and our minds help us to do something with what we hear—that’s the difference between hearing and listening. There’s another level of listening that goes beyond that process, though. It’s tapping into the power of the Mind.

As always, I will allow 15 minutes at the end of the show for my signature private Guest reading.

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