Oral Fixation Apr 18th: Cherry Pie Feminist Art Show

Photo by Olly Yung for Cherry Pie Art Show

Photo by Olly Yung

What do you get when you combine a local artist and cat cuddler, a queer library graduate student, and the benevolent tyrant of the Weird Empire? You get what may very well be Charlotte’s first feminist art show. Artist Grace, student Melody, and tyrant Rebecca will be serving “Cherry Pie” at Union Shop Studios April 22nd through May 1st and they’ll be my Oral Fixation guests Monday, April 18th at 9:00pm on Charlotte Community Radio.

The trio collaborated on this event to present the Queen City with “the messy multifaceted feminism of today.” In addition to highlighting the artists and works represented in the show, we will also discuss the ongoing discomfort many people have with the term “feminist”. Last month, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, said he’s going to keep calling himself a feminist until the word no longer elicits a reaction. He said this because so many people still associate feminists with man-hating bra-burners. So what exactly is a feminist? And what makes art feminist?

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