Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Apr 18th: Author, Resa Goldberg

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My next, Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour, guest is Resa Goldberg who has lived in Charlotte for 30 years and managed to accomplish a lot in that time, including a colorful career in media, and most recently a published book. Love Me Madly takes you on her harrowing journey from a trauma in her teens, an unhappy marriage, to a single self-assured mom of two teenage sons, and career woman. The trauma Resa experienced unknowingly affected all of her interactions until she decided to face it many years later. The result of repressing the trauma was depression, migraines and a general disconnect from the world.

I believe Resa’s story is important for everyone to hear, just for the sheer reminder that you never know someone else’s struggles until you’ve walked in their shoes. Her story is extremely unique, but one I think many women can relate to at some point. Resa learned that she couldn’t love someone until she loved herself. She found herself through Al-Anon, Judaism and satisfying her need for adventure through outdoor activities.

Resa is a brave woman to share her personal voyage and she brings great value to her story by sharing it instead of allowing it to define her. If you are looking for personal inspiration or just want to hear dating woes from the digital age, I think you will enjoy my chat with Resa Goldberg Monday, April 18th at 7pm on Charlotte Community Radio.

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