Oral Fixation Mar 21: Sex Therapist, Morgan Ray

Photo of Morgan Ray - Sex Therapy CharlotteJohn Barrymore is quoted as saying, “Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble.” If that’s true for you and sex is a source of disappointment, confusion, or frustration, you might want to consider seeing a sex therapist.

On the next Oral Fixation show, broadcasting live on March 21st at 9:00pm via Charlotte Community Radio, Charlotte-based sex therapist Morgan Ray joins me in-studio to explain how sex therapy differs from counseling or psychotherapy, and what training sex therapists undergo in order to successfully evaluate clients and advise them. We will also spend a large portion of our time together discussing how sex therapy can be beneficial in addressing a variety of common concerns. Is my partner a sex addict? Why did my wife lose interest in sex? Is it normal to lose your libido as you age? How do I get over the feeling that sex is shameful? How do I tell my partner what I would like to try in bed? Am I normal?

This is also an opportunity for the community to contact us with questions and concerns relevant to their lives and relationships. You can submit feedback during the show when using the Mixlr App while listening, or you can submit your query ahead of time by contacting me via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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Oral Fixation, a talk show about good sex and healthy relationships hosted by sexologist Becky Knight, airs every other Monday from 9:00pm to 10:00pm on CharlotteCommunityRadio.org, CLTCRadio.org or you can listen via Mixlr.com/CLTCRadio where you can chat with hosts and guests as well. We enjoy hearing from you!

Upcoming show topics include: the Gay Charlotte Film Festival, a panel discussion on dating in the Queen City, and a new mentoring program for trans young people.

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