Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour Feb 15th: Jenny Sassman-Birdsong Brewery

Photo of Jenny SassmanAccording to The North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild, North Carolina has over 150 breweries and brew pubs, making it the most popular state in the American South for such business.  In recent years, dozens of breweries have popped up around the Charlotte region. It’s exciting to see local entrepreneurs experiencing success in this industry.

With the craft beer industry in North Carolina being on the incline, I wanted to interview one of the people behind one of the most popular breweries in town, Jenny Sassman of Birdsong Brewing Company. Jenny handles all social media for the brewery and manages wholesale accounts. She has been a part of Charlotte’s spirits scene for several years and has really found her home at Birdsong.

Like many Charlotteans, I’ve spent several sunny afternoons at a brewery. This spring I attended the grand opening of the new Birdsong Brewing Company and the place was packed. It was a major event including: food trucks, beer tents, live music, and people just relaxing and drinking great beer.

The company was founded by a group of friends who shared a love of great beer and great people. They quickly outgrew their original location after three years and were forced to expand production and introduce packaging to the Charlotte market.  I had the opportunity to tour the brew house and learn how my beloved Jalapeno Pale Ale is created and canned.

Beer  historically has been dubbed a man’s’ drink, but with the growing popularity, accessibility and diversity of breweries I believe women are now as interested in and enjoying beer as much as men. If you are a beer aficionado, novice, or just want to know what kind of beer goes best with a slice of pizza, I think you will enjoy my chat with Jenny Sassman this Monday, February 15th during my show Not Your boyfriend’s Radio Hour on Charlotte Community Radio.

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