Voices From The Community Jan 14th: Coal Ash 101

Rhiannon Fionn Photo By Grant BaldwinAfter reading the title of this post, you probably have the same questions that I have. What is Coal Ash and why should I care? On Thursday, January 14th, during my show Voices From The Community, I will be joined by Rhiannon “Coal Ash Queen” Fionn. Given her extensive knowledge of this issue, I’ve asked her to take us through a Coal Ash 101 session of sorts to answer these and other questions that are on my mind.

Rhiannon Fionn has been researching and writing about coal ash waste since the summer of 2009 when the EPA released its list of high-hazard coal ash pits. At the time, she was a freelance reporter for The Mountain Island Monitor and a particular coal ash story landed in her lap. Fresh out of college – UNC Charlotte – where she majored in Communication Studies/ Mass Media and minored in Journalism, the story and others like it motivated her to sharpen her skills as an environmental, investigative and/or civic journalist, if you were to categorize her work. Rhiannon says her work “is really about doing what’s right with the skills and knowledge that I have…” Now, Rhiannon spends time traveling the country documenting stories from all sides of the coal ash issue and shares them here on Coal Ash Chronicles.

Join me for this Coal Ash 101 session on Thursday.

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